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GD News
9th Annual Meeting of the GD in Vienna on 14th and 15th March 2005

GD organizes for the first time event in Austria

By organizing an event on 14th and 15 March 2005 in Vienna, the GD was for the first time guest in Austria. The society held its 9th Annual Meeting at the Veterinärmedizinische Universität (Veterinary Medicinal University) in Austria’s capital as sign of its international alignment. Scientific conference heads were the GD members of long standing professor Dr. Claudia Valenta from the Institut für Pharmazeutische Technologie (Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology), Vienna and professor Dr. med. Werner Aberer from the Hautklinik der Medizinischen Universität (Dermatological Clinic of the Medicinal University), Graz, the acting president of the Österreichische Dermatologische Gesellschaft (Austrian Dermatological Society). The conference was implemented by the economic enterprise of the GD, the ID-Institute for Dermopharmacy GmbH, supported by the Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker (Society of Austrian Chemists).

As usual at Annual Meetings of the GD, the extensive scientific program again provided an overview of numerous novel developments from the various sectors of Dermopharmacy. Besides the scientific main program the conference comprised three additional symposia, four lunchtime seminaries and a scientific poster exhibition.

Health economy
within Dermatology

In the morning of the first conference day the GD departments Dermatotherapy and Extemporaneous Prescription invited to participate in two symposia taking place parallelly. The symposium of the department Dermatotherapy moderated by the two dermatologists professor Dr. med. Matthias Augustin, Hamburg and professor Dr. med. Thomas L. Diepgen, Heidelberg, dealt with questions relating to health economy in Dermatology. According to its increasing significance this sector of Dermopharmacy formed for the third time now a part of the program of the GD’s Annual Meeting with a dedicated symposium. Among the referees of the symposium was the general manager professor Dr. Barbara Sickmüller, a high-ranking representative of the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI) (Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry).

The lunchtime seminary „Innovations and Evidence in the Therapy of Chronical Wounds“ also focused on health-economic aspects. The known Vienna phlebologist professor Dr. med. Hugo Partsch introduced the phase-based compression treatment at Ulcus cruris venosum within this seminary.

Dermatological prescription in
international comparison

Professor Dr. med. Roland Niedner, Potsdam outlined first of all the significance of therapeuticals of extemporaneous prescription from the view of a practising dermatologist in the symposium of the department Extemporaneous Preparations moderated by the department head Rosemarie Eifler-Bollen, Eschborn and Dr. Erich Leitner, Vienna. Following Dr. Wolfgang Jasek, Vienna, Dr. Gerd Wolf, Grafschaft-Ringen and professor Dr. Christian Surber, Basel, three pharmacists practising in different sectors, analyzed presence and future of the prescription in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The subsequent lunchtime seminary was then concerned with questions of preparation and quality assurance of dermatological prescriptions in pharmacies.

Pimecrolimus in

In the afternoon of the first meeting day the program continued with a symposium relating to „Pimecrolimus in Dermatology“. Pimecrolimus has been developed at the Research Institute of the company Novartis in Vienna and - as is known - it is available for some time now for the local therapy of the atopical eczema.

In the symposium, scientists of the research institute and experts from the field of dermatology provided an insight into the complex pharmacological and clinical active profile of this innovative dermatological active agent. Concluding professor Dr. med. Thomas Luger, Münster, general secretary of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG) (German Dermatological Society) addressed the perspectives of topical immuno modulators in present and future indications.

The Veterinärmedizinische Universität (Veterinary Medicinal University) Vienna is venue of 9th Annual Meeting of the GD on 14th and 15th March 2005.

Welcoming speech by
Austrian Health Minister

In order to protect interests in the sectors Dermatics and Cosmetics in a pre-political area, the GD has made efforts to establish and maintain good contacts to the policy makers in the health care system for years. These endeavours are for instance reflected by the participation of health-politic experts in GD events.

For the opening of the scientific main program in the morning of the second conference day of GD’s 9th Annual Meeting, Maria Rauch-Kallat, the Federal Minister for Health and Women Affairs of the Republic Austria, a prominent minister had announced her presence. She expressed greetings to the conference participants together with the principal of the Veterinary Medicinal University Wolf-Dietrich Freiherr von Fiercks, the scientific conference head professor Dr. med. Werner Aberer and the GD president Dr. Joachim Kresken.

In the further course of the opening, the Dermopharmacy Innovation Prize (DIP) of the GD was awarded for the second time – after a premiere in 2003. An interdisciplinary board composed of a pharmacist, a dermatologist and a cosmetic chemist decided on the prize winner.

Diversified scientific
main program

The scientific master program in the morning of the second conference day dealt with most varied topics from the field of dermopharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry as well as from the field of pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy. In the afternoon the focus was on current developments in the field of dermocosmetic, dermatopharmacology and dermatotherapy. Besides possible new targets for future dermatics also innovative application systems as well as current methods for objectification of effects by drugs for external application were presented. Moreover, the GD’s vice-president, professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting, Munich held a basic lecture relating to evidence-based cosmetology.

In one of the two lunchtime seminaries on the second conference day information about a novel interdisciplinary approach for therapy management and prevention of napkin dermatitis was furnished. Professor Dr. Oliver Schöffski from the chair of Health Management at Nürnberg-Erlangen University related in the second lunchtime seminary of that day about the illness costs in Germany under special consideration of psoriasis vulgaris. Furthermore, clinical and pharmaco-economic aspects of the psoriasis therapy by means of biologicals were subject to discussion.

Opportunities for interdisciplinary
interchange of ideas

The schedule of 9th Annual Meeting of the GD had been established in a way that sufficient time remained for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas apart from the lectures and visit of the poster exhibition. This exchange is always appreciated by the participants at GD events. A welcome opportunity for conversations offered for example the evening of the first conference day, for which the GD organized a meeting of the conference participants in a typical atmosphere at the Weinhaus Heuriger Reinprecht in Vienna-Grinzing.

The scientific program, further information as well as the application form by fax for 9th Annual Meeting of the GD are to be found at the GD-Homepage ( as well as online in this issue.


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