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  Issue 1 (2004)

GD News

General meeting of the GD in Schkopau on 30 March 2004:
Two new members in the management of an active scientific society
GD press release for the prevention of skin cancer:
Every year 100.000 new cases of basalioma, spinalioma and melanoma are reported
Award for merits in the field of occupational skin protection:
Krefeld Skin Protection Prize conferred on GD-member professor Dr. med. Thomas L. Diepgen

Dermopharmacy News

8th annual meeting of the GD in Halle / Saale:
Tradition and progress in Dermopharmacy
Health economy - main focus of GD-Symposium:
Dermatology afflicted with GMG
Symposium of DFG-Research Group 463 in Berlin:
Targets, Drugs and Carriers
Novel Therapeutic Approaches
T-Lymphocyte-modulator Efalizumab:
New therapy option at medium-severe to severe psoriasis
Crucial point in the therapy of mycoses pedis:
Required compliance often not ensured
Inflammatory and itching skin:
Endocannabinoids — a new approach for anti-inflammatory prevention
Dry Skin low in Lipids:
Vitally important – appropriate Skin Cleansing and Skin Care
Book Review
U. Schwabe, D. Paffrath (Editors):
Drug Prescription Report 2003 . Current data, costs, trends and comments
Author's Report

A. Posselt, R. Daniels:
UVA-Protective Performance of Sun Protection Products:
Has there been a market shift?

Impressum (in German)



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