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  Issue March 2001
Position Papers of the GD
GD Statement: Prescriptions for aesthetic Applications
GD-Statement: Skin Cleansing of dry Skin - a problem?
GD adopts additional Guidelines: Dermocosmetics for the Cleansing of dry Skin
Sirolimus: Dermatotherapeutics on the Horizon
Exceptional Casuistics: Typ-I Allergy on a Systemical H1-Antihistamine Preparation
New Approach for the Therapy of Onychomycoses: Laser Treatment in Combination with low-dose systemical Antimycotics
Topical Terbinafin: High Compliance by Short Duration of Treatment —
Professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting in Conversation with DermoTopics
Extemporaneous Preparations
Dermatologists and Pharmacists in Discussion: Cooperation for Solving of Prescription Problems
Risks for Physicians and Pharmacists: Prescriptions at the Limits of the Freedom
Cream with Derma-Membrane Structure (DMS): New Approach for Care of Dry Skin
Authors' Articles (exclusively published in this Online-Version)
Th. Förster, C. Jassoy, D. Petersohn, K. Schlotmann und M. Waldmann-Laue:
Systematic Evaluation of new active Substances and Cosmetics
Congress Report: IFSCC 2000
Events 2001
17th October 2001: GD-Symposium "Effects of Dermocosmetics" (pdf-file)
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