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  Issue 1 (2005)

GD News
Society for Dermopharmacy celebrates tenth birthday:
Ten years of interdisciplinary progress for the well-being of skin
Extension of present scope of activity:
New GD department will be engaged in regulatory questions
Commitment for quality assurance:
GD issues two further new guidelines focusing on dermopharmaceutical topics
Award for successful development of test methods for reduction of animal experiments:
Professor Dr. med. Horst Spielmann, Berlin, awarded with DIP 2005
GD press release concerning the consequences of the Health Care Reform:
Drastical additional expenditures for patients suffering from chronical skin diseases

Dermopharmacy News

9th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie in Vienna on 14 and 15 March:
Diversified program at first GD-meeting in Austria
Topical therapy based on Pimecrolimus:
Substantial arguments alluding to high effectiveness and safety
Treatment of sensitive and poorly curing wounds:
Liposomal Povidone-iodine gel providing clinical and economical benefits
Measures for the prevention from napkin dermatitis:
Primary target is stabilization of the natural skin barrier
Guideline of the Society for Dermopharmacy:
Dermocosmetics for the Cleansing and Care of Skin Prone to Acne
Ulrich Schwabe, Dieter Paffrath (Ed.):
Drug prescription report 2004. Current data, costs, trends and comments
Christian Zeller:
Globalization strategies - Novartis' road to success
Authors' Article

A. Posselt, R. Daniels:
Realistic expectations to UVA-protection by sun protection agents with high or very high sun protection factor


R. Eifler-Bollen, H. Reimann:
Survey — Transparency for dermatic bases


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