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Issue March 2001

Exceptional Casuistics
Typ-1 Allergy on a Systemical H1-Antihistamine Preparation

Dr. med. Irene Elser reports about an exceptional case report from the dermatological group practice Dr. med. Winfried Klövekorn/Dr. med. Antje Tepe, Gilching in a communication to DermoTopics: a 47-year old female patient with allergical rhinitis had consulted her. The patient had produced a generalised urticaria with intense pruritus, vertigo, globus hystericus and shortness of breath, according to her statement, approximately two hours after having taken the H1-antihistaminic Mizolastin (Mizolles® film tablets) for the first time. In the following the patient had been hospitalized where the findings had been verified by an oral exposition testing as in-patient treatment.

The question of whether or not the observed anaphylactic reaction has been produced by the active substance Mizolastin or by one of the other ingredients of the medicaments taken, is still open, according to Elser. The sensitization path against the preparation could not be established due to the emergence of the allergic reaction after taking of the medicament for the first time. Furthermore, it is uncertain which patho-physiologic correlate has caused the reaction whereas a cross sensitivity against one of the additives is also to be taken in consideration.

The unusual casuistics of an allergic reaction to a modern anti-allergic agent is to emphasize that the symptoms of the patient shown should be taken seriously despite the paradoxical appearing impact in the first place. Only on this understanding life-threatening conditions can be avoided as a consequence of an anaphylactic reaction to such a drug.


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