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GD News
GD publishes Information Brochure for Patients

It belongs to the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie's objectives provided by the statutes to inform the public about latest findings in the field of prevention and treatment of skin diseases. In fulfilment of this purpose, the GD has started with the publishing of a series of information brochures for patients and consumers. After the brochure "Dry Skin" issued at the end of last year, the brochure "Onychomycosis" has been recently published containing comprehensive advice concerning the prevention and treatment of this persistent disease. This information brochure is available on request free-of charge by physicians and pharmacists for distribution to their patients.

Onychomycosis is far more than merely a cosmetic problem. Experts agree that this concerns an infectious disease requiring treatment. The chance of recovery is the better the earlier an efficient treatment is started. However, there are also good prospects for healing of extensive forms that have already been existing for years.

Prerequisite is however, that the person seized by the disease is patient and actively cooperates to ensure a successful treatment.

The information brochure now published by the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie is to motivate persons affected by nail mycosis to no longer hide their feet but to consult their physician or pharmacist for effective treatment measures. Moreover, the patient is to be encouraged to consistently adhere to the medical therapy recommendations. Besides information concerning the causes of the disease, the reader is informed about different therapeutical possibilities, the course of treatment and how an onychomycosis respectively a recurrence of the disease can be prevented.

The 16-page brochure in DIN A5-format is available free-of-charge to physicians and pharmacists for distribution to their patients. It can be obtained postage paid per e-mail ( or by telefax (+49(0) 2943/486882) from Gabriele Henning-Wrobel by indicating the required number of pieces.

Single issues can be requested at the GD offices by sending of a DIN-A5 self-adressed envelope stamped with 1,52 EUR.

Address: GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie, Carl-Mannich-Str. 20 D-65760 Eschborn.


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