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  Issue 1 (2005)

GD News
Extension of present scope of activity

New GD department will be engaged in regulatory questions

This year's ordinary general meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie took place in the course of 9th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie in Vienna on 14 March. As most important novelty, the establishing of an additional department has been decided dealing with questions of safety assessment and marketability of dermatics, cosmetics and other substances and products coming in contact with skin. Moreover, information about trends concerning members, the economic situation and extensive activities of the society in the past months was provided.
The GD president Dr. Joachim Kresken stressed in his report about the society's activities in particular the publishing of guidelines and statements and the other public relations of the GD. The Annual Meeting in Vienna has been complemented by a press campaign which met with great interest particularly in the Austrian public media.

Subjects of the press work were modern systems for the advancement of wound healing, topical immuno-modulators against neurodermatitis, biologicals against psoriasis and the commitment on the side of the GD for dermopharmaceutical quality assurance. In addition, attention has been concentrated on the disproportionate impact of the patients suffering from skin diseases through the Health Care Reform in Germany. The press release on this subject can be found on page 10 of this issue.

In the course of its 9th Annual Meeting, the GD organized a well-attended press conference in the old-established Café Griensteidl in Vienna. The experts GD-president Dr. Joachim Kresken, the scientific conference head professor Dr. Werner Aberer, DDG-General Secretary professor Dr. Thomas Luger and the GD-member of committee, professor Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting (from left) responded to the journalists' question. Professor Luger informed about innovations in the therapy of the atopical eczema based on Pimecrolimus-cream and Tacrolimus-ointment. According to his opinion there is no scientific justification for the planned warning notice of the American Public Health Authority FDA according to which the development of skin tumours and lymphomas could be enhanced by the application of these preparations.

News from the departments
and working groups

Reports from the departments formed as in earlier years the main part of the meeting. By proxy of the department head Dr. Karl-Heinz Nietsch, professor Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting informed about the Symposium "Reduction of animal experiments by using human skin models" for the department Dermatopharmacology which took place in Berlin on 25 November 2004. The department Dermatotherapy organized once again a symposium in the field of health economy in dermatology on the occasion of 9th Annual Meeting of the GD (report in the coming issue of DermoTopics. Moreover, a guideline concerning health economy in the psoriasis therapy is being elaborated at present as department head professor Dr. Matthias Augustin explained. Further, an online database regarding dermatological disease cost studies is planned as it is singular so far world-wide.

For the department Dermocosmetics its head, professor Dr. Rolf Daniels, informed about the recently adopted guideline "Dermocosmetics for the cleansing and care of the skin prone to acne" which can be found on pages 30 to 33 of this issue. The department will organize a symposium dealing with concepts and active agents in context with skin ageing for 10th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie in Münster next year.

The department Extemporaneous Preparation headed by pharmacist Rosemarie Eifler-Bollen has prepared dossiers regarding numerically significant active agents of the dermatological prescription which have been published quite recently as recommendation by the GD at the GD homepage ( Besides, the department organized a symposium regarding the significance of the dermatological prescription in Austria, Germany and Switerzland (report in the coming issue of DermoTopics) in the course of 9th Annual Meeting of the GD.

Following a detailed discussion, the general meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy decided with vast majority the establishing of a new department under the name of "Safety Assessment and Regulatory Affairs". The GD has now altogether five departments.

On initiative of the GD Task Force "Licht.Hautkrebs.Prävention" (Light.Skin Cancer.Prevention) represented by professor Dr. Thomas L. Diepgen, a guideline "Actinic Keratosis" has been established in cooperation with the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (German Dermatological Society) and other organizations . It has been published in the guideline register of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften (AWMF) (Working group of the scientific medicinal departments).
At present the Task Force elaborates a new internet service of the GD dealing with the skin protection. Moreover it intends to elaborate an epidemiologic study concerning light skin cancer.

Activity spectrum
of new department

The new department decided by the general meeting will bear the name "Safety Assessment and Regulatory Affairs". This designation has been chosen after thorough discussion in the general meeting and previous consultations in the committee in order to equally integrate drugs and medicinal products, cosmetics, chemicals and other substances and products getting in contact with skin in the department's work.

The responsibility of implementing this new department will be with GD member Dr. Jürgen Regenold, Badenweiler, expert in the field of worldwide authorization of dermatics. This sector will represent an important subarea of the future department work.

Moreover the department will deal with methodical and regulatory questions of safety toxicological testing of chemicals. This question is of current significance owing to the planned new chemicals law of the EU. Focus of the planned legislation is the so-called REACH procedure which provides registration, evaluation and authorization for all old and new chemicals.

Whoever is interested to cooperate in the new department is kindly asked to contact Dr. Jürgen Regenold at the telephone number ++49(0)7632/ 8226-0 or e-mail-address


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