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GD News
Light Skin Cancer: GD Public Relations Successful

It belongs to the GD's statutory objectives to inform the public about new findings in the field of prevention and treatment of skin diseases. For this aim the society has set up a complex communication network in the last years.

How efficient the GD's public relations work meanwhile is reflected by the example of the term "light skin cancer". This term has been coined in spring 2003 by the GD Task force "Licht.Hautkrebs.Prävention (Light.Skin Cancer.Prevention) and diffused in the scope of a diversified information campaign of the GD. The campaign slogan was "also light skin cancer is hazardous".

Numerous public media such as ARD, ZDF, Bild and Bunte took up the subject and reported about it in some cases repeatedly. Also the results of inquiries in internet search engines like Google or Yahoo clarify the increasing significance of the subject: more than 1,500 entries can be found there today relating to the subject "Light Skin Cancer".

The GD's instructional work has thus indubitably contributed to set an increased focus on light skin cancer types and their preliminary stages in the public's awareness. As next step in this context the society addresses the topic "Skin Cancer as Occupational Disease". They will inform the public in the scope of their press relations on the occasion of their 10th Annual Meeting of the GD in Münster in April 2006.


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