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  Issue 1 (2006)

GD News
10th Annual Meeting of the Society for Dermopharmacy
in Münster on 4th und 5th April 2006
Meeting Presents Numerous Novelties of Interdisciplinary Significance

Participants at 10th Annual Meeting of the GD, taking place in the Westphalian university town Münster on 4th and 5th April 2006, may look forward to numerous novelties from all areas of dermopharmacy. The meeting will not only inform about new findings from pharmaceutical, dermatological and cosmetological research but also introduce different new activities and projects of the GD. Scientific meeting heads are the director of the dermatological university clinic and secretary general of Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG) (German Dermatological Society), Professor Dr. Thomas Luger, as well as Professor Dr. Klaus Müller, Institut für Pharmazeutische und Medizinische Chemie (Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry), Münster University.

Venue of the two-day event will be Mövenpick Hotel in Münster. Besides the diversified scientific main program taking place, as a matter of tradition, on the second meeting day, also symposia and seminars are presented dealing with special subjects. Moreover, a scientific poster presentation and an evening event complement the program.

Care research
in dermatology

Already for the fourth time within a GD Annual Meeting, the GD department Dermatotherapy will organize a symposium on the subject "Health economy in dermatology" in the morning of the first event day. This time the focus will be on dermatological care research by means of which new findings on the care situation of patients suffering from dermatological diseases are to be obtained.

For this aim a center for dermatological care research has been established under the direction of professor Dr. Matthias Augustin at the university dermatological clinic Hamburg which will be presented in the scope of the symposium. From the view of care research the medicament regulation in Germany will equally be subject of discussion. Referee on this topic is professor Dr. Dr. Reinhard Rychlik of Institut für Empirische Gesundheitsökonomie (Institute for Empiric Health Economy) located in Burscheid.

Professor Dr. Thomas Luger, director of Dermatological University Clinic Münster, has taken on the scientific direction of 10th Annual Meeting of the GD in cooperation with professor Dr. Klaus Müller of Institut für Pharmazeutische und Medizinische Chemie (Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry) of Münster University.

Surveys pertain to care research accomplished by the Hamburg research group in which also pharmacies are to be included. They are at present recruited in the context of a new project by the GD which aims at an area-wide network of skin-competent pharmacies all over Germany. The GD president Dr. Joachim Kresken will inform about the current status and objectives of this new project.

Skin aging and light
protection in focus

A symposium by the GD department Dermocosmetics taking place in the afternoon of the first event day will deal with dermocosmetic concepts and active agents for the retardation of skin ageing. Presented is the demographic background of the growing anti-aging markets, molecular bases of skin aging as well as new vehicle systems for cosmetical active agents. The currently used active agents are subject to scientific assessment.

Further dermocosmetic subjects are addressed in the course of the scientific main program. Here, among other subjects a relatively new method for the evaluation of sun protection products will be presented by which a mutual light protection factor against UVB and UVA radiation can be determined. In a noontime seminar, new insights about skin care at itching dermatoses are presented.

Skin-relevant research
also in pharmacies

Several lectures in the scientific main program reflect the fact that skin-relevant research is also performed in pharmaceutical university institutes. Thus, the scientific meeting head professor Dr. Klaus Müller will present synthetical lapacho compounds with potential against psoriasis whereas professor Dr. Andreas Hensel from the Institut für Pharmazeutische Biologie, Universität Münster (Institut for Pharmaceutical Biology at Münster University) will inform about vegetable polysaccharides and procyanidines as derma-active agents.

Professor Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting of the Institut für Pharmazie, Freie Universität Berlin (Institute for Pharmacy of Free University) will explain by example of a topical anti-androgen in which way the effectiveness of products for external application can be increased by means of a specific prodrug-development. How the active agent localization in modern carrier systems, in particular lipid-nano-dispersions, can be determined will be revealed by Dr. Wolfgang Mehnert of the Institut für Pharmazeutische Technologie, Freie Universität Berlin (Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology of Free University Berlin).

The scientific program: further information on 10th Annual Meeting of the GD can be retrieved at the internet address

Novelties in
dermatological therapy

10th annual meeting of the GD will also inform about numerous news in dermatological therapy. Accordingly, Professor Dr. Harald Gollnick, president of Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (German Dermatological Society) will lecture about acne as chronical disease and its significance for therapy. Equally in a noontime seminar novel clinical and pharmaco-economic findings on the application of biologicals at psoriasis are presented.

Professor Dr. Hans Merk, director of Dermatological University Clinic, Aix-la-Chapelle deals with a completely different complex of problems which are only seldom considered at scientific meetings. He will give a presentation as position paper in the scientific main program on the subject "Pharmaco-genetical aspects of dermatics selection in practice".

Further prominent lecturers in the scientific main program are professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Bieber and professor Dr. Thomas Schwarz, directors at Dermatological University Clinics Bonn respectively Kiel. They will inform about the significance of dendritical cells for the immune therapy of the atopical eczema respectively the protective effect of Interleukin-12 from UV-induced apoptosis.

Recent research results of Dermatological University Clinic Münster will be introduced by professor Dr. Stefan Beissert and Professor Dr. Dr. Martin Steinhoff. Their lecture topics are new immune modulators and their significance in dermatology respectively proteasis-activated receptors as targets for anti-inflammatorily effective drugs.

Professor Dr. Isaak Effendy, Dermatological Clinic Bielefeld, will comment on a practice-oriented subject of likewise importance both for dermatologists and pharmacists. He will present a concept for interdisciplinary management of onychomycosis which had been recently developed by an expert group of the GD.

News on
dermatological therapy

The schedule for the meeting had been arranged in a way that sufficient time is left for the interdisciplinary and interprofessional exchange of ideas - always popular at GD events. A good opportunity represents the evening event in a typical Münster locality in the scope of which professor Dr. Ralf Paus, Lübeck, will give a humorous lecture concerning the subject loss of hair.

Although still German speaking, the GD annual meeting will this time possibly implicate even more international flair. Awaited are besides participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland also guests from Hungary due to the fact that the annual meeting of the German-Hungarian Dermatological Society will take place one day after 10th annual meeting of the GD in hotel Mövenpick in Münster.


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