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  Issue 2 (2001)

GD News
Proof of trust for additional three Years:
General Meeting confirms GD-Board

The members of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (GD) are obviously very satisfied with the work of their executive: on the occasion of the last general meeting taking place at the 5th annual meeting of the GD in Zurich in March all members of the acting board were unanimously re-elected for the next three years. There were also votes in three of the four GD departments, for which heads respectively assistant heads had to be elected. The appointed members of the board and the departments reflect the interdisciplinary character of the society.

The interior managing board is formed by Dr. Joachim Kresken, Viersen (chairman), professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting, Munich (vice-chairman), Dr. Holger Reimann, Eschborn (secretary), and Dr. Siegfried Wallat, Düsseldorf (treasurer), two pharmacists, a dermatologist and a chemist, employed as main job in a public pharmacy, in a university dermatological clinic, in the Laboratorium of the Neue Rezeptur-Formularium (laboratory of the new prescription-formulatory- NRF) respectively in the cosmetic raw material industry.

Dr. Joachim Kresken and Dr. Siegfried Wallat are morever general managers of the GD's economic enterprise, the ID Institute for Dermopharmacy GmbH founded late in 1999. The ID's tasks are among others the organization of events, establishing and further development of the GD homepage ( as well as the publication of the dermopharmaceutic science journal DermoTopics. The re-elected adjuncts in the GD board are Ursula Kindl, Baldham, Dr. med. Winfried Klövekorn, Gilching, professor Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting and professor Dr. Horst Spielmann, both Berlin, a laboratory pharmacist, a practising dermatologist, a pharmaceutical university teacher and a representative of the Bundesinstitut für gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz und Veterinärmedizin (Federal Institute for sanitary Consumer Protection and Veterinary Medicine - BgVV).

The re-elected board of the GD (from left): professor Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting, Dr.
med. Winfried Klövekorn, Ursula Kindl, Dr. Siegfried Wallat (treasurer), Dr. Joachim,
Kresken (chairman), professor Dr. Horst Spielmann, Dr. Holger Reimann (secretary), and professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting (vice-chairman).

In the GD departments Dermatopharmacolocy and Extemporaneous Preparations regular elections took place after expiration of the legislative period. Dr. Karl-Heinz Nietsch, Bad-Soden, pharmacist working for the pharmaceutical industry has been elected the new head of the department Dermatopharmacolocy. He is the successor of professor Dr. Frank Hevert, Freiburg who does not run for this position any more. As assistant department head, the pharmaceutical technologist Dr. Ulrich Schäfer, Saarbrücken has been re-appointed in office. The department Extemporaneous Preparations elected Manuela Tünnermann, Krefeld, employed in a public pharmacy as new department head. Her predecessor, pharmacist Bernd Hünerbein, Naumburg, does not apply for this position after two legislative periods, however, will place his comprehensive experience in the field of extemporaneous prescription at the department's disposal in future. As new assistant department heads have been elected pharmacist Rosemarie Eifler-Bollen of the NRF in Eschborn and professor Dr. med. Max Gloor of the Dermatologic Clinic Karlsruhe.

The head of the department Dermatotherapy, lecturer Dr. med. Matthias Augustin of the University Dermatological Clinic Freiburg will in future be assisted by three assistant heads: besides the already acting Dr. Burkhard Kleuser of the department pharmacy at the Free University of Berlin, two additional assistant heads have been elected: industrial pharmacist Dr. Carmen Matthies, Reinbek, and the medicinal journalist Dr. med. Claus Kori-Lindner, Munich. There were no elections in the department Dermocosmetics, professor Dr. Rolf Daniels of the Institut für Pharmazeutische Technology (Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology) of the University Brunswick continues as head of the department. Since last year the chemist, Dr. Gabriele Blume, Schlüchtern, the chemist Dr. Andreas Schrader, Holzminden, and the dermatologist Dr. med. Walter Wigger-Alberti, Hamburg support him as assistant heads in this tasks.


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