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Development of Dermopharmacy portal

There have been more than 6000 users in the course of the last nine months and currently even about one hundred users a day: the homepage of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie ( enjoys great popularity remarkable for a subject-specific Internet offer of the kind, emphasized Dr. Siegfried Wallat, member of the GD's board at a press conversation on the occasion of the 5th GD's Annual Meeting in Zurich on 28 March 2001. He attributed the success of the GD homepage to the fact that the information is available in German and for the most part also in English. In addition, the website is analyzed by international search engines as Alltheweb, Fireball, Yahoo and Lycos on a continuous basis. Moreover, regular information about the GD website in specialized magazines leads to a steadily increasing number of new users retrieving the homepage.

Approximately 30 percent of the users reach the homepage by means of specialist keywords via the international search engines investigating information with regard to a special field, explained Wallat, managing the GD's offer in the Internet in his function as a webmaster. Besides, press reports and GD guidelines are amazingly often retrieved. The success of the homepage so far shows that the statutory target of the GD to spread latest dermopharmaceutical findings for the benefit of the general public is taken advantage of by a large group of interested people.

The regular update certainly also contributes to the success of the GD homepage. Thus, besides scientific original articles and current reports from the individual departments. the abstracts of the lectures held at the GD's 5th Annual Meeting are available in the homepage. Furthermore, the program and a registration form of the GD Symposium "Effects of Dermocosmetics" taking place on 17 October in Düsseldorf can be looked up. Altogether the information offered comprises meanwhile far more than 1000 DIN A 4 pages which can be rapidly and effectively filtered by means of search functions.

The homepage of the GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie offers a lot of interesting facts about the subjects prevention and treatment of skin diseases at the Internet address

In future the GD will extend its homepage to a portal for dermopharmaceutic subjects. First steps in this direction have already been taken: the GD-own science journal DermoTopics, the first issue of which was published in October of last year is available online both in a German ( and in an English version (

DermoTopics is linked to the GD homepage in the same way as the specialist journal "Skin Care Forum" ( published by a sponsoring member of the GD. Skin Care Forum is equally based on a bilingual concept and addresses experts working in the field of production and marketing of cosmetics. Further cooperations with scientific specialist societies and sponsoring members of the GD are to follow.


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