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GD News

GD Symposium in Düsseldorf on 17 October 2001
Effects of Dermocosmetics

Besides the Annual Meeting held in Zurich in March, the GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie will organize for the first time an additional event of national significance: "Effects of Dermocosmetics" is the title of a symposium taking place at the Fritz-Henkel-Haus in Düsseldorf on 17 October offering interesting information for experts dealing with the manufacture, examination and commercialization of dermocosmetics as well as for advisory physicians and pharmists.

In accordance with the interdisciplinary character of the GD. the scientific organization is with professor Dr. Rolf Daniels, Brunswick, Dr. Thomas Förster, Düsseldorf and professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting, Munich, a pharmaceutical technologist, a cosmetic chemist and a dermatologist. The scientific program is composed of two basic lectures and three lecture units comprising altogether ten individual lectures concerning special subjects. The event will start at 10.30 hours, the end is scheduled for 16.30 hours.

The two basic lectures which will be held by professor Dr. med. Martina Kerscher, Hamburg, and professor Dr. med. Horst Spielmann, Berlin, are about new trends within the field of Dermocosmetics respectively new methods for cosmetic testing without undertaking animal-experiments. The other lectures refer to targets for cosmetics, test strategies for new cosmetics as well as cosmetic active substances and their formulation. They will be delivered by lecturers from dermatologic clinics, academia, the cosmetic industry and contract research organizations. In this connection the subjects repair preparations preventing photo-ageing, remedies for loss of hair, hair conditioning agents, remedies for dry skin, bio-sensorics and bio-photonics as well as biocompatible emulsion systems, novel gel systems and cosmetic active substances as remedy for skin ageing will be raised.

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