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  Issue 2 (2003)

GD News
Comprehensive Offer of Information for Experts, Media Representatives and Consumers
GD Homepage Established as Internet Portal for Dermopharmacy

Since the origin of internet, considerable changes have taken place mainly as to a scientific society is able to communicate with the public, media and its members. The Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie already established its own homepage under the address in 1998. In 2000 they started with the expansion of their homepage towards an information portal for dermopharmacy. The online-issues of the publication organ DermoTopics as well as Skin Care Forum, a scientific specialist publication medium of a sponsoring member of the GD are closely linked to the GD-homepage. These three homepages are placed at the disposal of all internet user both in German and English versions

When searching for certain subjects or essays regarding scientific Dermopharmacy will in all likelihood find the information required at the GD homepage or the linked homepages or Target groups of this Dermopharmacy portal are physicians, pharmacists and other experts as well as media representatives and interested laymen. The use of the online-databases in this portal is free of charge and they are permanently actualised and extended.

Figure 1

All three linked homepages are meanwhile very frequently accessed. They are almost always listed in first positions by international search machines as Google, Yahoo or Alltheweb. A practical test by means of the terms "dermopharmacy" or "dermopharmazie" will confirm this statement. Via the search machines indicated all sub pages of the homepages are easily and securely retrieved.


The GD-homepage has increased since its start in 1998 to a large library in which more than 3.000 DIN-A 4 pages in German and partly in English as well as more than 1.400 photographs and illustrations are available. On a monthly average at present more than 3.000 visitors (IP-addresses) and more than 13.000 retrievals for articles are registered.

The start page of the homepage conveys a good overview of the various contents which are archived at the sub pages. The columns media information, publications, events, guidelines, literature links, departments, personal and archive are permanently actualised. Under the column media information for example the press texts and press photographs of the GD which have become very numerous in the meantime can be retrieved. The column events comprises the scientific programs of all meetings and symposia of the GD as well as summaries of all lectures held at these events. The column literature links leads to online publications of GD members, the column personal to the board, to a list of the sponsoring members of the GD and the statutes and articles of the GD.

Figure 2

To be likewise found on the start side is a current GD information brochure describing in brief the objectives and activities of the society and containing an application for membership for ordinary and sponsoring members. Recently information is increasingly available in form of lay-out brochures in pdf-format. The current guidelines and statements of the GD as well as the consumer reference "Dry Skin" and "Mycosis pedis" are presented in this attractive version.

Figure 3

The entire information is also available in the so-called "print side", i. e. optimised for printing on a local printer. There is a specific search function which is available at the sub side "Search". This search function shows after triggering of the function "Search" all sub sides of the GD-homepage on which the term searched for is used.

DermoTopics Online:

Part of the strategic target of DermoTopics, the publication organ of the GD, has been from the start to edit besides a print version parallel also a German-language online-version. Under all so far published issues of DermoTopics are also available in the internet. Moreover, for the establishing and supporting of a worldwide exterior effect of the GD at the domain also an English-language version of DermoTopics has been established online.

Figure 4

The online-version represents an additional benefit for the readers of the print version in the form of a faster electronic archive which can be used for searches. In addition to the articles published in the printed version, in the online-issues also authors' articles indicated by name as well as original versions of statements and guidelines of the GD with complete literature reference are published.

That the additional offers are intensely used by the readers of the print version is reflected by the numerous visits at the homepage shortly after publishing of the magazines. They are printed in a number of copies of more than 4.500 issues and regularly distributed to the members of the GD, subscribers and all dermatologists acting in Germany.

Skin Care Forum:

Skin Care Forum is a worldwide known, in German and English published online-information service by Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, a sponsoring member of the GD. Under the domain there are approximately 2.000 DIN A-4 pages in German, a corresponding number of pages in English as well as more than 1.000 illustrations regarding cosmetic subjects are retrievable. Experts in the cosmetic field as well as scientists and journalists interested in cosmetic topics are regularly posted by a monthly newsletter service with current information from this special field. Skin Care Forum started in 1999. Meanwhile 15 online-issues have been published which have made of Skin Care Forum a comprehensive bilingual reference. At present approximately 7.500 visitors and 18.000 article retrievals are registered at the homepage on a monthly basis. Due to the convincing acceptance of the online-version the print version has been discontinued at the end of 2000.

Figure 5

Skin Care Forum informs in various columns about current trends in the field of cosmetics. By means of a navigation bar the reader is able to surf among the online published issues.

Particularly popular are the "cover pictures" of the online-issues of Skin Care Forum. They are about illustrations of the human skin from which several have been included in various specialized books.

Further Development of Dermopharmacy Portal
Through a continuous extension of the information both concerning already covered and other dermopharmaceutic topics, the online-library established at the GD-homepage will increase considerably in the near future. This will entail enhanced by the high-ranking listing of connected homepages in international search machines to a further rise of the - for an expert internet portal already remarkable number of visitors.

Already before long the GD-homepage will be extended by detailed information concerning the subject "light skin cancer". As reported in the last issue of DermoTopics (No. 1/2003) the GD will commit itself in this field. Via its Task Force "Licht.Hautkrebs.Prävention" (Light.Skin Cancer.Prevention) the society will draw the public's attention to the light skin cancer types (Non Melanoma Skin Cancer) and elaborate evidence-based recommendations as to their diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis. In connection with this project, the GD-homepage will play an important role as established communication channel of the society.


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