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Issue 2 (2005)

Company portraits
Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH
Apothecary skin care products

The Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH (Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH), Nuremberg, has developed and marketed drugs and skin care products for almost 50 years. They are rooted in the Mohren-Apotheke (Moors-Pharmacy) the oldest pharmacy of Nuremberg. The main pillar of the company today is the pharmacy-exclusive frei®-skin care system. The product range emanated from the frei öl range which had been introduced in 1966 as massage oil for the prevention from stretch marks and has developed since in the course of years to the care oil for dry skin yielding a paramount volume of sales..
First mention of the Mohren-Apotheke (Moors-Pharmacy) in Nuremberg was in documents dating back to the year 1442. It has generated a large number of pharmacists who became well-known far beyond the Nuremberg urban area owing to the drugs they produced themselves.

The company Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH was established in 1951 First of all only such preparations were produced which had been destined for sale in the Mohren-Apotheke (Moors-Pharmacy) of St. Lorenz. Thereafter a program of non-prescriptive drugs based on old formulations was established. Moradorm® and Moradorm® S tablets are still recognized as mild and optimally tolerable sedatives today.

From massage oil
to skin care systems

The first skin care product by the company frei öl had been introduced as massage oil for the prevention from stretch marks in 1966. It attained a significant position also as care and massage oil for dry skin within a short period of time. frei öl was at that time the first pharmacy-exclusive skin care product after all and became well-known by mouth-to-mouth recommendation. Since the beginning of the eighties, the annual number of bottles sold increased and exceeded the million limit. Still today the care oil from frei® is the care oil for dry skin yielding the highest volume of sales.

Since 1986 a complete care product range for women beyond 30 years of age has been developed. All products are and have been examined and tested at German and American universities. Permanent controls at company-internal and external laboratories ensure the pharmaceutical product quality. The composition of the products is permanently updated and adapted to latest dermatological and cosmetological findings.

The company Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH (Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH) emanated from the Mohren-Apotheke (Moors-Pharmacy), the oldest pharmacy of Nuremberg. Above the interior view of the pharmacy from the year 1901..

Care effect proven

frei®-products were in the eighties among the first to apply vitamins A and E in higher doses. Skin regeneration by special high-dosage combinations from vitamin A and E in frei®-products had already been proven in the end of the eighties by studies at Pennsylvania/USA university. Professor Albert Kligman is still represented to date in the scientific advisory board of the frei®-skin research institute.

Also in the future, skin care of frei® will set a focus on tested and securely effective ingredients - and the pharmacy as channel of distribution. Since 2005 Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH (Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH) has equally been committed in the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie. The company is convinced that skin care from pharmacies is gaining in significance further on.

The brand frei® continues to be pharmacy-exclusive and will still be further extended in the year 2005. Comprehensive initiatives in the pharmacy, scientifically substantiated product innovation and a detailed training concept for pharmacy staff will continue to enhance the skin care competence of the pharmacy in the future

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