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Issue 2 (2005)

Company portraits
Galderma Laboratorium GmbH
Major commitment in dermatology

The company Galderma is a world-wide operating pharmaceutical company closely cooperating with physicians, pharmacists and scientists for the benefit of patients. As the name implicates, Galderma's focus is set on dermatology: the company's wide range of drugs encompasses products for the treatment of a multitude of skin diseases, hair and nails.
Galderma International is based in Paris. The company's staff comprises 2,300 employees within an international network of 33 affiliates and it markets products in more than 70 countries. Galderma occupies the third position in the field of dermatology in international comparison. The company founded by Nestlé and L'Oréal in 1981 is also as Galderma Laboratorium GmbH (Galderma Laboratory GmbH) one of the leading companies in the dermatological segment in Germany with principal office in Düsseldorf.

Emphasis on research

An extensive international research program ensures a permanent further development as well as new development of innovative products. 14 percent of the volume of sales by Galderma are invested in research and development. Research centers in Sophia Antipolis (France), Princeton (USA) and Tokyo (Japan) are entrusted with the search of new and advancement of present dermatological active agents. Beyond 120 inventions and 1,500 patents filed are the result of this innovative strength. The most successful product from this own research and development is an acne-therapeutic based on the active agent Adapalen. Five years after its market introduction it is the world-wide leading acne preparation.

In Germany there is a Galderma Förderkreis e. V. (sponsoring group) assigned with the task of furthering and promoting scientific research in dermatology. Excellent scientific achievements of the dermatological junior management are rewarded just as research projects in the field of novel working methods.

Service for dermatologists
A competent support service for the target group dermatologists has been ensured for years thanks to an experienced and specialized field service. Dermatologists are updated in regular frequency about recent information pertaining to all Galderma products and indications. Among other subjects the focal points are onychomycosis, acne, androgenetic alopecia, rosazea, psoriasis and skin cancer.

Moreover, dermatologists are supported by extensive information material for physicians and patients, advanced training, presence at all major dermatological congresses and additional service measures. The dermatologist is informed about all recent results from research and development via different communication channels and is permanently updated about current developments in health politics.

Additional information:

Galderma story

1979 Foundation of international research center CIRD in Sophia Antipolis, France, by L'Oréal.

1981 Nestlé and L'Oréal form a Joint-Venture with the target of becoming the world-wide leading company in dermatology - the "hour of birth" of Galderma.

1986 Establishing of the first subsidiary in France. In the following years additional subsidiaries in various countries are established.

1990 The first Galderma subsidiary based in Freiburg is set up.

1994 Opening of the first Galderma-own production location in France with an annual production volume of 20 million units.

1997 The purchase of the company Basotherm, an affiliate of Boehringer Ingelheim, accelerated the growth trend of Galderma in Germany and complemented the product range by numerous dermatological preparations.

1998 Galderma extends its product range of antimycotics by purchasing the product Loceryl® from Hoffmann-La Roche..

1999 Opening of the second production location in Canada encompassing a capacity of 50 million units per year. Opening of two additional research centers in the USA and Japan.

2005 15-year anniversary of Galderma Germany.


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