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Issue 2 (2005)

Company portraits

Intendis Dermatologie GmbH
New name, reliable partner

The head office of a new dermatology company is located in Berlin:
Intendis Dermatologie GmbH (Intendis Dermatology Ltd.), is subsidiary of a worldwide acting proprietary company Intendis GmbH and thus "granddaughter" of Schering AG, also resident in Berlin. Friedrich W. Gause, marketing head of international and following the German Schering Dermatology-activities has been in charge as managerial head for many years.

Intendis Dermatology GmbH (IDG) has been primarily operationally active as major partner of the German dermatological fraternity since 1st January 2005. It has taken over all dermatics from Schering Deutschland AG (Schering Germany Corporation). Schering has made a step forward in direction of making its dermatological company independent in order to allow this business field more entrepreneurial autonomy and flexibility, conditions for a close and market-driven cooperation with medical specialists and institutions in dermatology.

Worldwide partnership

The IDG has access to a captive research and development pipeline via the parent company Intendis GmbH, headed by professor Dr. Wolfgang Kehr. The new society represents an important step for the establishing of a worldwide integrated controlled dermatology business with main office in Berlin, research and development sites in Berlin and Richmond/USA as well as marketing and sales organizations in all important sales markets worldwide.

Among the approximately 50 employees of the IDG there are 15 active in the indoor service in medicine/marketing/sales and beyond 30 in field work and marketing. Four regional field service teams attend approximately 3.750 established dermatologists and 120 dermatological clinics in Germany.

Service for physicians

The medical support service for ethical, prescription preparations is the main task of the new company. A therapeutic business focus is set on psoriasis, eczema/neurodermatitis, acne and rosacea as well as mycoses. As leading company in the German dermatics market, the IDG is determined to provide demand-oriented, innovative high-quality dermatics.

Major brands of the company are Advantan® against eczema and atopical dermatitis, Psorcutan Beta® and Psorcutan® for the treatment of psoriasis as well as Skinoren® for the treatment of acne vulgaris and rosacea as well as Travocort® for the treatment of dermatomycoses.

A comprehensive service programme is available for medical specialized dermatologists: brochures and printed matter for specialized and laymen circles, information in the internet (DermIS-website in cooperation with the university hospitals Erlangen and Heidelberg), the Informationszentrale Haut (IZH) (information head office skin) and the major Berlin symposia for medical further training.

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