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Issue 2 (2005)

Company portraits
Rausch AG Kreuzlingen
Herbal competence for 115 years

Already in 1890, a herbal-hair-tonic by the company Rausch elated the Royal Highness Princess of Hohenzollern by its distinctive naturalness. Individuals esteeming a healthy scalp and good-looking hair appreciate the superior quality of herbal cosmetics by the Swiss company today more than ever. The head office of Rausch AG is located in Kreuzlingen at the Lake Constance. In Germany where Rausch-products are only available in pharmacies, a subsidiary of the company is situated in Ludwigsburg. It has been sponsoring member of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie since 1999.
The highest possible part of natural raw materials - Rausch has pursued this principle until today, following the basic principle "back to nature" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Thus natural ingredients such as coconut oil, corn starch or panama bark form the basis for the mild cleansing power of shampoos by Rausch. Besides a wide range of hair care products the company also offers a body care line for demanding skin under the name of Herbaderm®.

Rausch provides a holistic range of hair care products on the basis of pure and well tolerable herbal extracts mainly nurturing the scalp thus eliminating hair problems of individuals attaching importance on healthy scalp and good-looking hair mildly and effectively.

Successful in
challenging markets

Rausch has asserted itself as Swiss company for over one century in hard-fought, even repleted markets. This is no matter of course. The naturally effective herbal care products by the company enjoy increasing popularity with demanding, health and environmental conscious consumers.

Manager Marco Baumann is very pleased about the continuous success domestic and abroad. "We select our raw materials and herbs with utmost diligence in Switzerland and growing areas in the whole world and extract the precious active agents in proprietary most gentle procedures ourselves. The right herbs in the optimal combination and correct dosage - this know-how is a core competence of our corporate philosophy.

Fragrances are pervading the house when herbs are delivered to and further processed at company Rausch.

Naturalness makes
the difference

Rausch offers products for each hair type and hair problem based on pure, well tolerable herbal extracts. The Rausch herbal hair care known today as "Horse tail intensive care" introduced in 1955 contains for example 20 percent of horse tail extract. Horse tail is rich in pure silicic acid which regenerates both the cuticula - and the exterior layer of the hair and the scalp conveying brilliant gloss to hair.

The herbal extracts used are thoroughly extracted in proprietary procedures from blossoms, leaves, barks and roots or entire plants. Similar to precious wine these extracts ripen in own wine cellars for many months. By diligence in the production as well as scientific proven methods and uncompromising quality controls, Rausch ensures superior and constant quality for its herbal extracts as well as for all other raw materials applied and each batch of final preparations.

commitment in the GD

Already since 1999 the company Rausch has committed itself as sponsoring member of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie. The company esteems in particular the cooperation of dermatologists and pharmacists in the GD.

On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the GD in Mönchengladbach on 2 July 2005, company manager Marco Baumann delivered his personal congratulations and donated five gift certificates for a feast week-end in combination with a company visit and an overnight stay at the Lake Constance for two persons each for the tombola which was organized in the course of the event.

The company Rausch donated five gift coupons for a feast weekend with company visits and one accommodation for two persons each. Manager Marco Baumann (second from right) presented personally the gift to the winners of the tombola which took place on the occasion of the festive event for the ten-year anniversary of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie in Mönchengladbach on 2 July 2005.

Additional Information:

Rausch AG Story

1890 The German hair dresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch establishes the company. He produces hair tonic on the basis of herbal extracts.

1900 Josef Wilhelm Rausch develops the first liquid hair cleansing soap "Champooing".

1949 Josef Baumann-Widmer acquires the company Rausch. It employs three staff members.

1951 The first alkali-free shampoo is introduced in the market: Rausch herbal shampooing "Exalkali"

1971 Rausch exports to Austria and supplies pharmacies, drugstores and perfumeries.

1975 Alexander and Marco Baumann take over the company. The staff consists of 15 employees.

1980 Rausch takes up the delivery of pharmacies in Germany.

1983 Herbaderm, the body care line for demanding skin is launched.

1995 The company Rausch is certified according to ISO 9001. The staff already encompasses 100 persons.

1996 Rausch takes up the export activity towards Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

1998 The entire product range of the herbal hair care series is subject to a substantial optical revision.

1999 Rausch launches the Rausch Green Tea UV-Hair-Protector as innovation in the hair care market. In the same year the company takes up its export activity into the United Arab Emirates.

2000 Introduction of the new Rausch Herbal-Protection System for styling products. The company celebrates its 110th year of establishment.


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