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Issue 2 (2005)

Ten years' GD
Prof. Dr. med. H. C. Korting, Munich
Ten years' GD — ten years of humaneness

It's hard to believe if one has been involved from the beginning as I have: The Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie already celebrates its ten-year anniversary! In fact, a decade is for a scientific expert society not really a remarkable age. Many other societies are up to hundred years of age and beyond whereas this is in general linked to the individual scientific field of study.

At least on national level applies that once established expert societies persist as long as the corresponding realm. A remark by the way, this is today no longer tantamount to perpetual. In clinical medicine there is a first example of a society related to a special field which no longer exists today.

The situation is a lot more complex if an expert society is interdisciplinarily aligned from the beginning on behalf of the cause. Here, strains are predisposed which may turn out to be the off after few years. There are also examples for this constellation.

The fact that the situation for the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie presents itself differently can in theory be ascribed to quite diverse factors- whereas also the principle fortuity is not to be ignored. In fact numerous members see another explanation: they consider interpersonal humaneness in the end as the secret of the successful development in problematic times - at least in the last years.

The aspect of humaneness induces many members again and again to perform honarily supplementary duties beyond the routine work. This is one of the reasons for new experts to approach the company, a fact which ensures the society being able to meet its demanding claims on long-term.

What however, is the essential reason for this quite different nature of the GD? Jubilees are occasions to also reflect on this question in detail. A major part of the explanation is surely rooted in the person of our president Dr. Joachim Kresken, who celebrated his 50th birthday almost simultaneously with the ten-year anniversary of the GD.

Without our Joachim, quite a number of members may call him this way, the society conceived by him would have also been established and potentially persist still today. It is certain however, that the GD without Joachim Kresken would not have developed its present-day characteristics to the same extent in the first decade of its establishment.

Therefore I would like to express the wish as acting president on behalf of all members that the GD remains in principle as it is. Further on there will be an exchange of persons time and again; however the principle humaneness personified in our president should implicitly sustain so that the GD will be able to cope with its numerous irrefutable duties in the future.


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