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GD News
Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie publishes information brochure for consumers
Appropriate cleansing and care of dry skin

Decreasing temperatures and low relative atmospheric humidity increase the risk for the appearance of dry skin. In time for the beginning of the cold season, the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (Society for Dermopharmacy) has therefore published an information brochure containing information relating to the cleansing and care which should be considered by people with dry skin. The GD is an interdisciplinary scientific society in which dermatologists, pharmacists and other experts cooperate in the field of prevention and treatment of skin diseases. The spreading of latest findings in this field for the benefit of the expert and general public belongs to the society's targets.

The new information brochure was introduced by the GD president, pharmacist Dr. Joachim Kresken on the occasion of a scientific symposium at the Fritz-Henkel-Haus in Düsseldorf on 17 October. The brochure refers to guidelines established by the GD department Dermocosmetics and has been published among other locations at the Society's Internet homepage ( Addressees of the guidelines are experts, developing, producing, testing, marketing as well as spreading information about cosmetics. Dermocosmetics as to the GD's definition are cosmetics designed in agreement with dermatological and pharmaceutical aspects regarding their ingredients, effect and tolerance.

As Kresken explained, dermocosmetics used for the cleansing and care of dry skin, are to balance the skin condition of dry skin characterized by a lack of humidity and fat. Moreover, they are to improve the barrier function which is disturbed in many cases of people with dry skin. The cause for this disturbance is mostly too little or inferior lipids in the horny layer, the uppermost layer of the skin. Thus the skin loses a lot of humidity and hence harmful substances, irritating agents or allergens are able to penetrate more easily. Further causes for dry skin may be a reduced formation of sebum or a lack of waterbinding substances in skin, the natural humectants. Less is more effective. Skin cleansing preparations should not be unnecessarily overdosed for dry skin.

Skin cleansing preparations should not be unnecessarily overdosed for dry skin.

"Inadequate cleansing and care habits may have a negative effect on skin especially if there is a tendency to dry skin", Kresken explained. A complete renunciation of skin cleansing agents as discussed over and over again is likewise not necessary with dry skin according to the current state of the skin research. The skin is normally not damaged provided that preparations are chosen and correctly applied which have proven to be mild to skin. The same applies to skin care. The frequency of creaming the skin depends on the degree of dryness, on dehydrating external factors and on the products used. As the properties of the products available in trade, are not always apparent from the indications on the packing, the non-expert should seek advice from a dermatologist or pharmacist in case of questions.

The information brochure can be obtained at the following address:

Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie,
Carl-Mannich-Straße 20,
D-65760 Eschborn

Please enclose a stamped (EUR 1,5) and addressed DIN A 5 envelope.

Products for dry skin care should be used which are especially designed for this skin condition.


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