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GD News
6th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (GD) (Society for Dermopharmacy) in Hamburg between 20 and 22 March 2002
Information opportunities from all sections of Dermopharmacy

From 20 till 22 March, the 6 th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (Society for Dermopharmacy) will be held in the Hamburg University. The extensive opportunity for information on the occasion of this meeting includes lectures, workshops and a satellite symposium referring to topics from the sectors extemporaneous preparations, dermopharmaceutic chemistry, quality assurance, pharmaceutical technology, dermobiopharmacy, dermatopharmacology, dermatotherapy and dermocosmetics. The scientific head of the meeting is incumbent on professor Dr. med. Martina Kerscher, Hamburg, and professor Dr. Rolf Daniels, Brunswick, a dermatologist and a pharmaceutical technologist.

The scientific main program of the meeting will take place on 21 March between 9.30 o'clock a.m. and 5.30 o'clock p.m. It will commence with a basic lecture by professor Dr. med. Erwin Schöpf, Freiburg, the honorary president of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (German Dermatological Society). He will deal with the question of the future significance of biotechnology and tissue engineering within dermatology.

Later in the morning, lectures concerning pharmaceutic-chemical and biopharmaceutical topics will be part of the program. They will treat new preservatives on peptide and polypeptide basis, quality risks of dermopharmaceutical primary materials, lipid nanoparticles for cutaneous applications, the question of liberation and permeation of hydrocortisone from pharmacopoeia bases as well as studies relating to dermatopharmacokinetics with regard to skin equivalents.

The afternoon is marked by dermocosmetical and dermatotherapeutical subjects. In the lecture block dermocosmetics, experts from industry, contract research institutes and the dermatological clinic will inform about the experimental backing up of effectiveness claims for cosmetics, the development of a novel cream preparation for the care of dry skin, the relevance of daily light protection and new active principles of sun protection. The lectures relating to Dermatotherapy will cover registration-relevant problems with dermatics, the dermatopharmacology of Dexpanthenol, the effectiveness of Ciclopirox for the seborrhoeic eczema, indications of preparations with povidone-iodine as well as problems of the skin lipid regeneration after application of antiseptic hand wash solutions.

Workshops concerning Extemporaneous
Preparations and Sun Protection

The main program of the meeting forms the frame for two workshops. On 20 March already between 1 and 5 o'clock p.m., a workshop will take place organized by the GD-department Extemporaneous Preparations under the title "The practice-oriented prescription in the 3rd millenium". The program of this workshop is to address both the prescribing dermatologist and the pharmacist concerned with the preparation of prescriptions. Dealt with are the guidelines developed under the responsibility of the GD referring to the magistral prescription, prescriptions at the limit of the freedom of therapy as well as questions concerning the therapeutical concept, standardization, the quality of the starting materials, preservation and economic efficiency of prescription drugs. Furthermore, the participants will get information in the form of practical examples in order to avoid incompatibilities.

On 22 March from 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 o'clock p.m. the GD-department Dermocosmetics invites to a workshop that will treat different aspects of "sun protection". Discussed will be the biological effects of UV-radiation, the status of the standardization of methods for sun protection factor testing, a new procedure for the testing of the UVA protection, legal provisions for sun protection filters as well as special demands relating to a dermocosmetic sun protection. Moreover, an overview about the cosmetic light protection agents in the market will be presented.

Satellite symposium, poster show
and numerous other interesting events

In the evening of 20 March, the Industrieverband Körperpflege- und Waschmittel e.V. (IKW) (Industrial Association for Personal Hygiene and Detergents), since recently cooperation partner of the GD, will organize a satellite symposium entitled "Cosmetics - effective and safe". In the course of this event, held at the Elysee-Hotel from 7 o'clock p.m. on, experts from the cosmetics industry will inform about the contents of the cosmetics legislation in view of the latest amendments, about strategies for the ensuring of cosmetical preparations as well as methods for the effectiveness proof of cosmetic preparations. In a subsequent panel discussion in which besides the lecturers also the general manager of the IKW, Dr. Bernd Strömer and the GD president Dr. Joachim Kresken will take part, among other subjects, the special features of cosmetic preparations designated as "Dermocosmetics" will be discussed.

Further topics of the Annual Meeting will be a poster show and the possibility of visiting a contract research institute for dermocosmetics in Schenefeld. Moreover, a press conference and the regular ordinary general meeting of the GD will be held. In the extended pauses there will be the possibility for conversations and an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. An evening event on 21 March in the restaurant "Historischer Gasthof Anno 1750" (Historical Inn of 1750) in the traditional Hamburg brewery Gröninger will offer distraction from the meeting

Call for Papers

On the occasion of the 6th Annual Meeting of the GD, a scientific poster show will take place. Persons having the intention to present a poster are kindly asked to send their information as well as a one-page abstract to the following e-mail address until 1 February 2002 at the latest:

The complete scientific programm can be found here


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