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  Issue 4 (2001)

Interview with:
Dr. Thomas Förster

The industry group Schwarzkopf & Henkel, sponsor of the GD-symposium in Düsseldorf undertakes considerable efforts in the development and testing of cosmetics. Special importance is attached on a high quality awareness, and promises relating to effects are kept. Jointly with the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie, important information work is accomplished, because cosmetics do not merely have cosmetic aspects but they also contribute to care and preservation of skin health at every age. On the occasion of the symposium in Düsseldorf, DermoTopics had a conversation with Dr. Thomas Förster, Henkel KgaA, Düsseldorf, who assumed the scientific responsibility for the conference in cooperation with professor Dr. Rolf Daniels, Brunswick and professor Dr. med. Hans Christian Korting, Munich.

What is the particular reason for you to become engaged in the symposium "Effects of Dermocosmetics" of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie? What is the reason for the commitment by Henkel for this conference?

Dr. Förster:
Our intention is to bring together the experts of different professions to enable an exchange of ideas. The symposium program shows very distinctly that there are completely new starting points from the field of clinical research, which are at least in part also applied in cosmetics respectively will be applied in future. Furthermore, dermatologists and pharmacists are interested to learn about the opinion of the patient or the customer as well as about his wishes. In this field we as producers of cosmetics can fall back on large experience, for example concerning the formulation or the exterior appearance of the products. We also direct a great deal of attention on how products can be spread and the feel they leave on the skin.

Whom does the symposium address with its subjects and contents in particular?

Dr. Förster:
First of all it addresses scientists and in fact mainly dermatologists, pharmaceuts, cosmetic scientists and researchers at institutes dealing with effectiveness proofs for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It would be ideal, if we could equally reach the dermatologists, pharmacists and others assisting consumers with their advice as to their buying decision for cosmetics with an event of the kind and the following publications.

Dr. Thomas Förster

The symposium proves that both the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie and the industry group Schwarzkopf & Henkel represent a high degree of awareness regarding responsibility and quality. Optimal products and consumer protection are undoubtedly given priority. However, there is an immense supply of skin care products in the market. How can the consumer distinguish the effectice from the non-effective product? Which quality criteria does he consider?

Dr. Förster:
In general, effects attributed to cosmetics also have to be proven, i.e. the consumer can in principle rely that the promised effect occurs. The company Schwarzkopf & Henkel attaches particular importance in consumer tests to the fact that in the course of the inquiry of the applicants (home-use-test) the attribute effects is noticed and confirmed. I am convinced that other producers of cosmetics proceed in the same way. The lectures at the symposium also show by which demanding scientific procedures these effects are proven - may it be in the application situation or at artificial skin models. This implies a high reliability and application safety.

Dr. Förster, we thank you for the conversation.




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