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Issue October 2000


Dermopharmacy is an interdisciplinary field of medicine and pharmacy dealing with the prevention and treatment of skin diseases by topical and internal application of medicine, cosmetics and food supplements. The GD — Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie e.V. (Society for Dermopharmacy) was founded in 1995 for the coordination of scientific and practical activities in this field. Part of the GD's statutory objectives are the furtherance of scientific research in the fields dermopharmaceutic chemistry and technology, dermobiopharmacy, dermatopharmacology, dermocosmetics and dermatotherapy, the spreading of latest findings from these fields for the benefit of the expert and the general public as well as the support of the cooperation of physicians, pharmacists and other experts engaged in the sector dermopharmacy or working in this field.

In order to support these targets, the society has now published an own dermopharmaceutical scientific magazine tailored to the dermatologists' concerns. DermoTopics will be published quarterly and will report about news from the above mentioned sectors in each edition. Besides the print version there will also be an online-version of DermoTopics in the internet in short with extensive search and archive functions in German ( as well as in English ( Call on this forum of the future occasionally and inform us about your opinion there to enable us to further develop DermoTopics in a dialogue with you.

As general practicioner and member of the GD's managing committee I would like to give the editorial team of DermoTopics my assistance. A special matter of concern from my side is that also subjects will be considered which support all dermatologists in our daily work. As an example I would like to mention the necessity of quality assurance for extemporaneous preparations which we have to realize together with the pharmacists if we intent to maintain this part of the dermatologic therapy which is in my opinion indispensable.

An additional priority of the editorial work will be occupational skin diseases as well as their prevention and therapy within the frame of the GOÄ-remuneration by the professional associations outside the unpopular GKV-budgets. This is why special importance will be attached to the reporting about the current possibilities of specific skin protection in the frequently skin irritating occupational world.

DermoTopics holds for me the function of a "coach" delivering high-grade practice-oriented advanced professional training for dermatologists in view of the imparting of knowledge and creation of a medicinal professional platform for the new millenium.

Dr. med. Winfried Klövekorn


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